Noncitizen Archive is a non-profit digital archive for storing images from migrant experiences. It is an independent platform for the secure digital storage of personal and observational footage. We believe videos, photos, and audio material captured by migrants and people living in “noncitizenship” are crucial documents of our time, but that they often get lost. Footage is deleted and mobile phones go missing. Through Noncitizen Archive, we want to save this material for the future, whether its for personal use, research and/ or cultural projects.

Noncitizen Archive stores footage belonging to migrants, asylum seekers, refugees, activists, aid workers, filmmakers and journalists. The photographer/ filmmaker always owns the copyright of the images. Those who upload material to the archive can choose if their content is open to the public, available to Noncitizen Archive users only, or private. Users can remove their content from the archive if they wish.

Noncitizen Archive contains audio-visual material with an alternative perspective on migratory experiences to that which is often preserved. What the videos, photos, or audio files contain is up to the creators/ users. It can be mobile phone videos from journeys, photos of family members and friends, audio/ video diaries, etc.

If you would like more information about Noncitizen Archive, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Noncitizen Archive is a project from the organisation Noncitizen. A film and cultural organisation which started in 2015, Noncitizen aims to highlight issues of oppression in our time, like borders, the right to have rights, and restricted freedom of movement.

Noncitizen Archive is supported by Kulturbryggan/The Swedish Arts & Grants Committee.