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Noncitizen Archive stores digital documentation and art to protect it while you are fleeing, crossing borders, or going through an asylum process. For yourself, and for future generations.

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    Adasevci Motel
    Back at one of Serbia’s biggest reception centres, an old motel in Adasevci. About 500-600 people stay here, beside the highway E70 in the middle of nowhere. Since last time we were here in 2016 they have put up huge tents outside where all the si...
    Sid, Serbia
    Near the Serbian/Croatian border there’s an abandoned factory where a large transient group of young men and minors live and wait to try to cross the border. Police regularly beat and illegally push back those they find trying to cross. One guy I ...
    beograd radionica
    film workshops - afternoon walk
    Alireza Naghawi
    Music video made by Alireza Naghawi as part of Noncitizen Collective's filmmaking mentorship projoect.
    Baha Leili
    Two short films made by Baha Leili in 2018 as part of Noncitizen Collective's 18-month film mentorship project for people who have experienced flight or are living in exile.